Pursuing a business that has your passion at its heart is always a tough choice. Working on something you love day in day out can be great but eventually it might kill your passion for the subject. Many people have come across this problem and then moved onto new business interests. Sometimes what you are passionate about is not what you might be best at.

Picking an industry you excel in is a key tool to any up and coming business. If your expertise lies in engineering you probably shouldn’t open a bakery even if you do like baking bread on the weekend.

Having the passion project on the side may be a better way to go. You can spend time on it when you get chance and treat it as more of a hobby rather than something that has to succeed. It is then more likely to grow into a profitable business and you can gradually spend more and more time nurturing it.

This may sound like counter productive advice as people will often tell you that you need to be happy in your work. Are you going to be happy though if your business fails and you are forced to work a job you hate to cover the expense?

If you have the time and patience starting a passion project it a great idea but in my experience it should never be your total focus unless of course that is where your expertise happens to lie.

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Cladding repairs are an essential part of any building maintenance. Failure to protect and maintain your building from the elements could lead to much more expensive building repairs in the future. Kingspan panels are a very common and sought after repair service. The curtain walling on a building should not be overlooked either. Whether you are a small business or a large multi national, your work premises are the key to your entire service or business. You simply cannot work if your workplace is decrepit. london_wall_place_office_m051110_2

Roof spraying is another factor for consideration. Keeping your roof in good working order will allow your business to continue to operate undisturbed for many years to come.

We recently had a problem with our roof and when the repair men got up there they discovered the panels were corroded and worn out. It cost us thousands to have the panels replaced. If we had, had them sprayed with a protective coating as offered by many reputable roof repair companies we would have not had this problem. The spraying of a roof is considerably cheaper than the replacement of a roof.

The same story is true for the panels on the side of the building. They cost a scary amount to replace but it’s not that much to get them repaired and maintained. Always look for a reputable company when getting your building serviced as you want the work done by professionals and experts in their field. Pay someone well and pay them once and it well last for many years. Pay someone poor at a cheap rate and you will inevitably have to have the work done again. Essentially you are chucking money down the toilet by doing this. 03

Other common panels are trespa and alucobond. The brand doesn’t really matter but get a company that is experienced in repairing your brand as the paints and techniques they use vary from panel to panel. You must use the right paint so that it bonds with the metal. Using the wrong paint is counter productive and a waste of money. The paint may not bond and it may hasten a corroding of your surface. It also needs to be applied correctly. Spray painting is not as easy as the professionals make it look.

All in all cladding repairs are something you should take seriously. If you live in London or another big city the weather and exposure can be damaging but the fumes from the traffic and factories are equally destructive. The air we breathe is like a poison to our buildings. They don’t last forever unless we look after them properly. Older buildings are even more expensive to maintain as they are usually made of stone and stone masons are required. Not a cheap service. Fortunately modern buildings use modern materials like steel, plastic and glass which is cheaper to replace and maintain.

Attempt to keep the surfaces clean as well as grime and dirt sitting on the surface will shorten a panels lifespan. A good window cleaner should be able to handle this for you even on the largest of buildings. They will happily clean panels of steel as well as your windows. Of course this isn’t cheap but as mentioned it’s a lot cheaper than replacing them.


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www.dbworkwear.co.uk offer fantastic prices on all Apache workwear trousers and jackets. Clothing for work is apache-knee-pad-holster-trousersomething we often overlook or think of as a nasty pair of overalls. There is now a wide range of stylish workwear available from many brands but none more so than Apache.

Check out the example of the right. Functional and stylish trousers.

Made from fantastic materials and expertly designed for workmen these combat style garments will do you proud.

Knee pad holsters and holster pockets with cordura on the knees for extra protection and comfort. These long lasting trousers offer fantastic value for money.


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Xara web designer is unique piece of software for designing websites. It is a what yous see is what you get type of deal. This makes it very easy for none techy people to draw up cool looking websites.

Web design is a very fast growing industry all over the world, it is predicted that there will be a huge shortage of web designers in the next 10 years so now is the time to get involved in learning this skill. Xara makes it really easy.

What makes it even easier is using xara web designer templates, a template does all the hard work for you. You just change the text and images to suit and bang you are done!

The web design software comes in 2 versions, premium and standard. The price difference is around £30. You may as well get the premium version in my opinion as it’s only around £60 anyway. Pretty cheap start up cost really.

Add in some hosting and you are good to go. There are many good web hosts out there. Godaddy and 1and1 are very reliable and popular. There customer service is excellent and is what you would expect from 2 massive American companies. I highly recommend using either of those.

If you do fancy trying Xara web designer then you can use my affiliate link if you like! 😉


This isn’t the purpose of this blog though, I genuinely use this software on many projects as it’s quick and easy and allows me to get exactly what I want on screen without any coding dramas.

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I had never heard of matched betting until a friend told me about it. I immediately assumed it was a scam or pyramid scheme. I have a very suspicious mind when it comes to money making schemes, especially ones that purport to be risk free, which amazingly this pretty much is.

Could I really sit at home and make easy money from the bookies, who are notoriously tight fisted.

The answer, to my surprise, was yes. Over the past year I have partaken in this practice and made myself around £8500! Writing that sounds crazy but it is true.

The money I have made has been absolutely risk free, I haven’t gambled a single penny. Lots of bets have been placed but I wasn’t gambling.

It’s not 100% risk free as mistakes can be costly but that’s like anything in life. The way to reduce of remove risk completely is to get a membership at Oddsmonkey. There are a lot of matched betting sites out there but none of them compare to this one. Especially for value for money. They teach you everything you need to know and lay everything out for you each day so you can keep making money week after week after week.

You might be wondering if I work for them but I don’t. I just highly recommend their services.

If you are not sure what matched betting is, it is the way of betting with no risk. You back all outcomes so you can’t win but you can’t lose. You then get awarded bonuses like free bets which is where you make your money.

There is commission to take into account but oddsmonkey will work out everything for you with their amazing software and calculators. You don’t need to worry about the maths, which is good for me as I am rubbish at maths.

What we are doing is playing the bookies at their own game and leveraging the odds in our favour for a change. I can’t see this gravy train lasting forever so I would encourage people to jump in now before they come up with a way to banish these bonuses for good.

It’s perfect for people who work from home or want an extra income to help out in these hard times. How does an extra £500 sound?! Awesome, and it is. It’s made my life a lot more comfortable. You have to put the hours in but £30 per hour is a rough earning potential in my opinion. Not bad at all.

Update: There is another matched betting site called Profit Accumulator which is also offering a matched betting service. However it is not as good. You can read the review on the link here.

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Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again, nobody likes it but it comes to all business owners, it’s tax return time! yay! You might be thinking this is way to early for tax returns but not according to my Darlington Accountant.

Taxes are definitely not enjoyable, no one likes paying them but it has to be done so we might as well get organised and get them done as early as possible. I need to be more organised this year in regards to my incoming and outgoings.
If you aren’t self employed then you are lucky as it is all handled for you, your employer automatically deducts your tax each month. It’s very different for the self employed. If you are doing your financial paperwork yourself you might be paying too much, sometimes quite a lot more than you need to. This is why I would recommend a good accountant, if you are in the North East you can find one here http://www.accountants-northeast.co.uk/ and see what they suggest. You may get a nice surprise. They could end up paying for themselves and then some.

The busier you are the more paperwork you acquire. This is why many businesses prefer to use an accountant. It saves a lot of hassle and is definitely worth the expense. They will often help you with savings you weren’t aware of like charging for having a home office! Keep receipts for everything on the off chance you get audited. It’s never happened to me but sounds like a nightmare if you aren’t organised.

Now if you your accountant does a good job you might be in line for a big refund. Definitely good news but not what we want to happen again. That money is better off in your pocket from the start. The government have essentially had a interest free loan from you.

It might be a good plan to start saving in a savings account a little money each month for your tax bill. You know it’s coming so don’t get caught short. People who mess the tax man around will inevitably end up getting investigated.
Getting your taxes under control now can save you a great deal of problems and heartache over the coming years. Ger into the habit of filing your paper work well, print invoices and keep receipts in a safe place. Most importantly consult a financial expert who will make your life so much easier when it comes to this annoying time of year.

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Our hotel was in need of some repairs. Hotels are crazy expensive to keep in check and you can’t skimp on the repairs and maintenance or your customers just won’t come back. After a failed attempt to repair our buildings cladding with spray paint aerosols I decided to get a professional cladding repair company in to sort it all out for me.

Not only did they repair the mess I had made with pantone spray paint aerosols but they did colour matching on anodised panels

Once the work got started I was amazed at the transformation, our hotel starting to look shiny and new again. I felt very ashamed at how it had looked before hand but extremely happy with how it looks now. The other 67313-9146713hotels on the complex have all commented and asked for details on the company so the boys at spray clad look like having a very busy few weeks ahead.

Interestingly it didn’t cost anywhere near as much as I anticipated so it was good news all around. I meant I had more money to spend elsewhere on the hotel. Updates on those coming soon.


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