Cladding repairs are an essential part of any building maintenance. Failure to protect and maintain your building from the elements could lead to much more expensive building repairs in the future. Kingspan panels are a very common and sought after repair service. The curtain walling on a building should not be overlooked either. Whether you are a small business or a large multi national, your work premises are the key to your entire service or business. You simply cannot work if your workplace is decrepit. london_wall_place_office_m051110_2

Roof spraying is another factor for consideration. Keeping your roof in good working order will allow your business to continue to operate undisturbed for many years to come.

We recently had a problem with our roof and when the repair men got up there they discovered the panels were corroded and worn out. It cost us thousands to have the panels replaced. If we had, had them sprayed with a protective coating as offered by many reputable roof repair companies we would have not had this problem. The spraying of a roof is considerably cheaper than the replacement of a roof.

The same story is true for the panels on the side of the building. They cost a scary amount to replace but it’s not that much to get them repaired and maintained. Always look for a reputable company when getting your building serviced as you want the work done by professionals and experts in their field. Pay someone well and pay them once and it well last for many years. Pay someone poor at a cheap rate and you will inevitably have to have the work done again. Essentially you are chucking money down the toilet by doing this. 03

Other common panels are trespa and alucobond. The brand doesn’t really matter but get a company that is experienced in repairing your brand as the paints and techniques they use vary from panel to panel. You must use the right paint so that it bonds with the metal. Using the wrong paint is counter productive and a waste of money. The paint may not bond and it may hasten a corroding of your surface. It also needs to be applied correctly. Spray painting is not as easy as the professionals make it look.

All in all cladding repairs are something you should take seriously. If you live in London or another big city the weather and exposure can be damaging but the fumes from the traffic and factories are equally destructive. The air we breathe is like a poison to our buildings. They don’t last forever unless we look after them properly. Older buildings are even more expensive to maintain as they are usually made of stone and stone masons are required. Not a cheap service. Fortunately modern buildings use modern materials like steel, plastic and glass which is cheaper to replace and maintain.

Attempt to keep the surfaces clean as well as grime and dirt sitting on the surface will shorten a panels lifespan. A good window cleaner should be able to handle this for you even on the largest of buildings. They will happily clean panels of steel as well as your windows. Of course this isn’t cheap but as mentioned it’s a lot cheaper than replacing them.