Our hotel was in need of some repairs. Hotels are crazy expensive to keep in check and you can’t skimp on the repairs and maintenance or your customers just won’t come back. After a failed attempt to repair our buildings cladding with spray paint aerosols I decided to get a professional cladding repair company in to sort it all out for me.

Not only did they repair the mess I had made with pantone spray paint aerosols but they did colour matching on anodised panels

Once the work got started I was amazed at the transformation, our hotel starting to look shiny and new again. I felt very ashamed at how it had looked before hand but extremely happy with how it looks now. The other 67313-9146713hotels on the complex have all commented and asked for details on the company so the boys at spray clad look like having a very busy few weeks ahead.

Interestingly it didn’t cost anywhere near as much as I anticipated so it was good news all around. I meant I had more money to spend elsewhere on the hotel. Updates on those coming soon.