Xara web designer is unique piece of software for designing websites. It is a what yous see is what you get type of deal. This makes it very easy for none techy people to draw up cool looking websites.

Web design is a very fast growing industry all over the world, it is predicted that there will be a huge shortage of web designers in the next 10 years so now is the time to get involved in learning this skill. Xara makes it really easy.

What makes it even easier is using xara web designer templates, a template does all the hard work for you. You just change the text and images to suit and bang you are done!

The web design software comes in 2 versions, premium and standard. The price difference is around £30. You may as well get the premium version in my opinion as it’s only around £60 anyway. Pretty cheap start up cost really.

Add in some hosting and you are good to go. There are many good web hosts out there. Godaddy and 1and1 are very reliable and popular. There customer service is excellent and is what you would expect from 2 massive American companies. I highly recommend using either of those.

If you do fancy trying Xara web designer then you can use my affiliate link if you like! 😉


This isn’t the purpose of this blog though, I genuinely use this software on many projects as it’s quick and easy and allows me to get exactly what I want on screen without any coding dramas.